Submissions are handled electronically through CoCon, a new conference management system whose confidentiality has been verified using Isabelle. More precisely: For every value V that person P is not allowed to know, there exist runs of the system with identical observational behavior with respect to P and different values for V. See the CoCon web page for details.

To submit a paper:

  1. Go to and create an account. Wait for the confirmation email, and follow the instructions. This should take no more than a few minutes.
  2. Using the same link, log into CoCon. In the top menu, select Papers, then Submit a paper, and choose the conference ITP 2016.
    • If you have coauthors, the easiest scenario is if only one author is a corresponding author. In that case, just submit the title and an abstract (and later a PDF file).
    • If you want to have corresponding coauthors, they must create CoCon accounts as well. Once this is done, you can make them corresponding coauthors through the Coauthors menu.
  3. You can make changes in the title and abstract, and upload new versions, until the deadline.
  4. It is possible to submit more than one paper, if you feel very productive.

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